"You have to wait in line for your turn and if you leave it, you could have been the next one and miss your turn. Stay in line, stay hard working, motivated, patient and stay passionate"


Chandler Kinney is an actress, known for the role as Catherine Dillman in Gortimer Gibbon's Life on Normal Street (2014), Chantel in Battlefield America (2012), Mirabelle in Haunted Hathaways and currently as Riana Murtaugh in Lethal Weapon. She has graced the screens in this latter role, playing the teen daughter of one of the show's 2 parotagonists Roger Murtaugh. She brings a great element to the show and is a perfect addition in the Murtaugh family and the Lethal Weapon family as a whole. She's great on social media responding and talking with fans so sit back, watch or listen, as I chat and laugh with Chandler and answer fan questions. 



 The British independent film scene continues to excel as new crime-thriller Winter Ridge recently finished shooting and has already sold to 2 distribution markets at the Cannes Films Festival in May 2017. The film brings considerable star power in the form of Hannah Waddingham (Game of Thrones, Les Misérables), Alan Ford (Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels) and Olwen Catherine Kelly (The Autopsy of Jane Doe). The film stars up-and-coming actor Matt Hookings with Justin McDonald and Michael McKell as a team of detectives on the hunt for a serial killer who appears to be targeting the elderly. Other talent in the film includes Ian Pirie (Les Misérables, Da Vinci’s Demons) and Noeleen Comiskey (Casualty) with crew such as Oscar-winning sound designer Glenn Freemantle (Gravity, Slumdog Millionaire), editor Barry Moen (The American) and composer Paul Saunderson (Kick-Ass)

The shoot took place around Lynton and Lynmouth in North Devon, overseen by award-winning director Dom Lenoir and producers Nancy Bressolles (Rise of the Krays) and Chris Hardman who has worked on films such as Avatar, Star Wars and Kingsman. Director Dom Lenoir says “It was the dramatic nature of the story and the detective genre that first attracted him to the project. The elements that deal with degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s struck close to home with his own family and experiences. “I’m hoping that this film will raise an interesting debate on the condition and provide a heart-warming understanding of loneliness.”

Following the success at Cannes, the team are looking forward to securing worldwide distribution at AFM (American Film Market) in November 2017 for an early 2018 release!




Sit back and enjoy me talking with indie film writer/director Peyv Raz. We discuss his ideal actors to work with, why he hasn't seen Dunkirk yet, but most of all about his first feature film Clarity which is as described below. It was released last week on VOD and an emotional and gripping story which I feel is very relevant in today's world and great that the subject matter has been addressed and in such a a great way. Written and directed by Peyv Raz, this feature film debut is a gripping drama, that is intriguing and entertaining with an incredible finale. 


Would you be able to include a mention of the film that comes out today with it's poster and trailer on your site? It you could squeeze in an interview with writer/director Peyv Raz or actor/producer Nadine Velazquez that would also be amazing. Review screeners are also available upon request.

We have attached a listing release with all details and here is the dropbox link to stills, trailer and key art:





WRITER: Peyv Raz 

CAST: Nadine Velazques, Dina Meyer, Maurice Compte, Tony Denison, Dana Melanie, Lourdes Narro

SYNOPSIS:  When 22-year old Maggie (Dana Melanie) falls fatally ill with a rare kidney disease, her adoptive mother, Sharon (Meyer) must find her birth mother to save her dying daughter.  The family begins to unravel as Sharon discovers the baby she 'adopted' so many years ago, was bought - a victim of a human trafficking scheme.  Estranged, emotionally ravaged Carmen (Velazquez) grasps for any thread and travels to Las Vegas to meet the girl who may be her daughter.  What she finds is more than she bargained for and faces the ultimate question: how far do you go for love.  

GENRE: Thriller/ Drama





Ever since my teen years and a new show called The X Files debuted I have loved it. It fed my desire to believe and to identify with characters and their needs and desires to find the truth and not believe in what was being told to us. Dean Haglund helped me with his character of Langly, along with Frohicky and Byers forming The Lone Gunmen. I loved the episodes they were in and found myself waiting impatiently for them to re-appear. Take a listen to me chatting with Dean about the supernatural, conspiracies, exclusive scoop about X Files Season 11 and much much more.



Lew Temple is a talented actor hailing from New Orleans originally and known for his southern gentleman style. He has appeared on the big and small screen many times, having worked alongside Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Halle Berry, Tony Ridley and many more. Known for his role as Axel in The Walking Dead, we chat about his inspirations, baseball career which he gave up for acting and much more.



Tony Amendola is an American actor who has been on our screens for the last 30 years. He has been in many excellent and well known productions. For the listeners of my show, he was Master Bra’Tac in Stargate SG-1, he was Edouard Kagame on Continuum and Gepetto in Once Upon a Time. Tony is also known on stage, currently performing in As You Like It at the Anteus theatre in LA. Sit back and enjoy a conversation with Tony Amendola




I first invited Tom onto my show in 2015, to talk about his upcoming first feature film Pandorica. I was then invited by Tom to the premiere at the Scifi Weekender in North Wales, where I watched the film with Tom and the cast. I was so honoured. I have since followed Tom's work and excited to watch Redwood and Black Site. Sit back and listen to Tom and I discussing his upcoming projects.



"No matter how big the show gets, it wouldn't be anything without the fans" This quote, said to me post interview marks Clayne Crawford to a tee. A brilliant actor, and true gentleman who echoes the sentiments of his fellow Lethal Weapon cast. Clayne is very well established actor, having been in shows such as NCIS New Orleans and as Ted Talbot in Rectify as well as films such as Spectral. However, he is currently rocking the screens worldwide as Martin Riggs in the TV show based on the Lethal Weapon series. He even does a great Swedish Chef impression ;) Sit back and enjoy the amazing Clayne Crawford.



Paul Amos is a fantastic actor and immense fun. He has taken fans by storm in his roles on TV, notably in Lost Girl. However, it's as his alter-ego in the Syndicate - the Victorian installment of the Assassin's Creed saga that has seen his popularity soar. As Jacob Frye, one half of the Frye Twins (check out my site for interview with Victoria Atkin, aka Evie Frye) he has garnered support worldwide including a dark xxx rated blog on Tumblr where the stories are excellent, taking Jacob on a very different journey. Paul loves the fans, and has a lot of fun meeting them at conventions. Sit back and enjoy listening to your questions being answered by the assassin himself, Paul Amos



Mike Beckingham is a British screen actor. Having starred in several films such as Birdwatcher and Narcissis, as well as the upcoming Redwood, from the same team that brought us Pandorica last year. Mike is currently filming Black Site, another film by Pandorica's Tom Paton where he had a role written especially for him, which is a huge honour and also in Pegasus Bridge, which is a faithful retelling of the battle of Pegasus Bridge where Mike portrays Corporal Bill Bailey. This is looking set to be a WW2 masterpiece. You can hear the director and other cast on my show also. Sit back and enjoy a very warm and friendly chat with Mike Beckingham


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