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Aimee Garcia is known to thousands as the friendly, bubbly and intelligent pathologist on Lucifer - Ella. She has delighted fans since she came on the scene on season 2 of the hugely successful show with her wit, her acting skills and her affinity to her fans. Always ready to respond to as many as she can, or take us on behind the scenes tours and sneak peaks via her instagram, Aimee is truly a fan favourite. Season 3 has seen her character, Ella, have more involvement in storylines and even several Ella-centric episodes, which shows the writers listen to the fan desires. 

Chill out with Aimee as she chats with me and talk about Lucifer and many other things, and find out what her muppet character would be!!

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Patrick Ryder is a director, producer and writer who has won multiple awards for his short films. His latest two releases are Human which has won 9 awards now and Chimera, featuring Andrew Lee Potts which is up for multiple awards and will be screened at Cannes film festival. A busy man, Patrick also has another film already in post-production - The Code - which focusses on a small band of British soldiers in WW2. 

Patrick is a very keen film fan himself, and this shows in his work. With inspirations such as Spielberg, Patrick is aiming high, and hitting! He kindly took time out to chat with me about his latest films, as well as chat about many other film and tv like X Files, Ready Player One, (no spoilers), and of course - The Muppets. Sit back and chill with this latest episode!!

In her directorial debut, Jillian Clare (Days of our Lives, Victorious: Freak the Freak Out) has created the perfect film for the teens of this generation who dare to take their dreams to the next level.
 Starring Laura Krystine (Instructions Not Included), Brisa Lalich (Model), Jayden Bartels  (Dance Moms, Star), Jake Brennan (Richie Rich), Jaheem Toombs (100 Things to Do Before High School) and Trevor Larcom (Fuller House, Fresh Off The Boat), To The Beat! will be released on DVD and VOD on Tuesday, March 13 2018 and is currently one of the top pre-orders on Amazon. 

Fourteen-year-old twins Mackie (Laura Krystine) and Mia Castillo (Brisa Lalich) have been dancing since they were toddlers. They support each other’s passion through competitions and rehearsals, even though they prefer different styles: Mia loves tap and Mackie loves jazz. When their favorite pop star (Chris Trousdale) launches an online contest to find the most unique dancers for his new music video, the twins each form their own team to compete. With the help of their family and friends, Pauly (Jaheem Toombs) and Doug (Trevor Larcom), they campaign for the most votes on social media. Meanwhile, their arch-rival and neighbor Avery, (Jayden Bartels), uses her charm and resources to gain the upper hand in the competition.


David is one of South Africa's finest acting exports. A familiar face on stage and screen around the world. Having made his name in his early career in South Africa on stage and musicals, playing, amongst others, Rocky in the Rocky Horror Picture Show, David moved out to LA to pursue his dream. With over 40 credits to his name on IMDB, his hard work has certainly been paying off. 

David has been season regular in The Librarians, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, Nikita, General Hospital, as well as appearing alongside Anne Hathaway, Dwayne Johnson and Steve Carrell in Get Smart, Gerard Butler in Geostorm and currently on the big screen in one of the most successful films ever - Black Panther. 

Sit back and enjoy an open conversation with David, as we talk about inspirations, his career, desires and muppets!


Tamlyn is an amazing actress and a lot of fun. Sit back and enjoy as we discuss Karate Kid, Pat Morita's mischievous side, The Good Doctor, Stargate (and bringing Star Wars, Stargate and Star Trek in one triangle of connectivity) and much more!!

Tamlyn made her screen debut as “Kumiko” in THE KARATE KID, PART II, and is best known for her role in the memorable BAFTA Award-nominated film THE JOY LUCK CLUB. Since then, she has appeared in numerous feature films, television and theatre projects. On television, Tomita was recently a series regular on the EPIX original series Berlin Station, which follows a CIA agent on a mission to uncover the source of leaked information to a now infamous whistle blower stationed in Berlin. Tamlyn additionally co-starred as “Noshiko Yukimura” in the CW’s fan favorite series Teen Wolf. She’s had memorable roles on hit acclaimed series How to Get Away with Murder, True Blood, Glee, and 24, just to name a few.

Chris is an American actor, from New York but lived the last 10 years in LA. Having landed a lead role in the Steven Soderbergh movie The Girlfriend Experience, after intiially being a consultant for the film due to his fitness instructor background, Chris went on to feature in Perfect, another of Soderbergh's works. He also thinks he would be a friendly vampire muppet! 
Chris Santos, one of five children, was born in Long Island, New York. His first foray into acting was at the age of 12 in esteemed writer and producer Rob Weiss's (AMERICAN PSYCHO, “Entourage”) film AMONGST FRIENDS shot in his hometown on Long Island.
Santos is best known for his breakout role in the feature film THE GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE (directed by Steven Soderbergh) where he played the male lead opposite Sasha Grey. The film, which centers around a high-end escort 'Chelsea/Christine' (Grey) and her boyfriend 'Chris' (Santos), has since been turned into a Golden Globe-nominated drama series, airing on Starz. Santos was introduced to the film by its acclaimed writer David Levien (OCEAN'S THIRTEEN, "Billions") who at the time was his client as a personal trainer living in New York. In fact, the character 'Chris' had so many similarities to Santos, that Levien and Soderbergh decided to cast him for the role. The film further solidified his taste for acting and since then, Santos has been working ferociously to fine tune and perfect his craft, training and completing master classes with Hollywood's premier acting coaches including Ivana Chubbuck, Deborah Aquila, Lesly Kahn, and Margie Haber. Chris went on to work with many great Hollywood actors, including Betty White.
Chris has returned to the film festival circuit, co-starring in his second Steven Soderbergh film PERFECT which premieres at SXSW. Written and directed by the award-winning Eddie Alcazar, produced by Academy Award-winner Steven Soderbergh, and composed by Los Angeles based experimental multi-genre producer and rapper Flying Lotus, PERFECT tells the story of a young man with a violent past as he enters a mysterious clinic where the patients wildly transform their bodies and minds using genetic engineering. Co-starring Abbie Cornish, Martin Sensmeier and Maurice Compte, the psychological thriller fully captivates its audience, steering them along a thought-provoking journey while also providing a luxurious treat for science fiction fans.
Santos additionally has the beautifully shot film SOMEDAY starring opposite Dominican actress Katherine Castro, which recently wrapped filming. The film follows two strangers who meet on a 14-hr flight from Sydney to Los Angeles. 'Adam' (Santos) is a world-famous composer, but 'Melody' (Castro) doesn't recognize her flight companion seated next to her. Along the way they pour their hearts out, forging a connection that is more beautiful, precisely because of its simple, fleeting nature.
Santos currently resides in Los Angeles. When he is not acting or writing, the fitness enthusiast enjoys Thai boxing and Brazilian jujitsu.

Ruben is an Argentinian born actor, who travelled to the USA aged 19 to follow his dream of becoming an actor. He has certainly led that dream, working hard and with credits such as Torchwood, General Hospital and Law and Order against his name. He and his wife Lynne Alana Delaney have recently expanded and combined their acting experiences by making their own film "The Remake" which is a love story in the style of the romcoms of the 50s. A truly lovely film in a world ruled by super heroes, war films and disaster movies! Sit back and enjoy Ruben's tales of his singing days, acting, memories of John Barrowman and much more.


Sam is such a great guy, and he has a young son with ginger hair like I do!! Great chat with a terriffic actor. Sit back and enjoy chats about acting, Toys R Us, Madam Secretary, The Daly Show, The Office, Muppets and much more!

Sam Daly Bio

Hailing from a prestigious line of Hollywood royalty, actor Sam Daly is ready for his turn in the spotlight and is set to co-star as ‘Officer Brendan O’Malley’ in the RZA’s (MAN WITH IRON FIST) heist thriller CUT THROAT CITY alongside Eiza Gonzalez (BABY DRIVER), TI, and Wesley Snipes among others. Daly thrives as ’Marcus Gantt' in the zombie comedy-horror film OFFICE UPRISING opposite Brenton Thwaites ("Titans"), Zachary Levi, and Jane Levy (DON’T BREATHE) set for a February/March 2018 release. He can additionally be seen heating up television sets across the nation as marijuana lobbyist and ‘Daisy Grant’s’ (Patina Miller) fiancée, ‘Win Barrington’ in CBS’ hit political drama series “Madam Secretary,” opposite Téa Leoni, Geoffrey Arend, and his Emmy and SAG Award-nominated father Tim Daly. Season four of “Madam Secretary” currently airs Sundays at 10pm on CBS.

Growing up in a family full of celebrated professional actors, Sam Daly's childhood was anything but normal. Born in Providence, Rhode Island, he grew up as the definition of "bi-coastal" and he and his family lived an actor’s life, moving where production took them - from Rhode Island to New York to Los Angeles and back again. With actor Tim Daly and actress Amy Van Nostrand as his parents, Sam was convinced he would break the line of actors and instead was more interested in sports. It wasn't until he took a film class at Middlebury College did he realize that acting was his passion.

Paving his own way in Hollywood, Sam has guest starred and earned memorable recurring roles on some of TV's biggest hits such as NBC's Golden Globe-winning comedy series “The Office” (where he played 'Oscar's' gay love interest 'Matt' who worked in shipping) and ABC's 38-time Emmy Award-nominated and winning series "Grey's Anatomy." He can also be seen in a widely watched Dr. Pepper commercial opposite Doug Flutie and Steve Smith Sr. called “Backyard Football” which is currently airing during the primetime football season. In addition to his work in film and television, Sam stars the popular YouTube series "The Daly Show" with his father Tim Daly. The duo, who are incredibly close, are also the only father/son to play or lend their voice as ‘Superman’ (Sam Daly for the animated "Justice League" and Tim Daly for the series "Superman"). Sam is also a talented writer and producer and enjoys creating new content.

When Sam is not filming, he loves to play and watch sports (his teams are Lakers, Dodgers, Kings, and Cowboys) and give back to the community. He is actively involved in the Creative Coalition, where his father is the current president. Sam also donates heavily to multiple organizations dedicated to cancer treatment and child care.


Nicki Clyne is a Canadian actress, and recently, stand up comedian best known in her role as Cally, a member of the flight deck crew in the Colonial Fleet on the hit scifi show Battlestar Galactica. She became a hit with fans, which has only grown since the show finished. She has recently gone on stage in a different way, having taken up stand up comedy. Her new show, in which she stars alongside her former Battlestar costar (and original Apollo) the late Richard Hatch in Personal Space, which is a sci fi comedy whereby the crew of a generation ship (where one crew go into hyper sleep and another takes over) have therapy sessions but don’t realise they are being broadcast on a changed Earth as a reality show! 


Nadia Jordan is a British actress and film maker. in her debut film as writer and lead actress, she has created a comedy gem. For the Love of George sees her character Poppy, jilted by her cheating husband, leave her British roots and travel to LA with a goal of meeting and marrying George Clooney. However it follows her journey of self discovery along the way. Nadia took time out of her busy schedule to talk with me on my show. Sit back and enjoy, and share the laughter as we talk acting, her film, muppets and much more


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