About Me

Hi - allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chris Gordon, and I am the host and founder of Hellblazerbiz. Welcome! I am a 40 something guy from North Wales in the UK with a love of TV shows, film, theatre and video games. I also like to talk, so 2 years ago, I decided to start up the podcast in support of NBC Constantine, as a result of my love of talking, as I could not write what I wanted to say in Twitters' 140 characters! I ended up bringing on the cast of that show on to talk to me and answer fan questions, which had been sent in to me. On advice from these actors, I reached out more and more to other actors, and stars behind the camera, and the show built from there, and I am enjoying every minute of talking to the stars I love to watch, but more so from engaging with all you wonderful people and making friends across the world.